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Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White was just 33 years old when he won his third star. And his secret ingredient? The Knorr® Stock Cube.

Back in 2007, Marco Pierre White shared one of his professional culinary tips with the world – he’d been using Knorr® Stock Cubes as a seasoning, believing they enhanced flavours more subtly than salt and pepper.

“I’ve used Knorr Stock Cubes in my kitchens for 30 years. It is my secret ingredient.”

Following this, Knorr® approached Marco about becoming our brand ambassador, to promote good simple cooking in the home. A fantastic collaboration was born.

Marco’s Story

Marco Pierre White was born in a small town near Leeds in 1961. Since his grandfather and his father were both chefs and his mother was a great cook, it was no surprise that his first job at 16 was in a kitchen.

On his first day at the Hotel St George in Harrogate he was ordered to blanch, peel and deseed five boxes of tomatoes. Life in the kitchen, he discovered, was tough.

His next job was to change his life. The Box Tree in Ilkley, Yorkshire was opened in 1962 by Malcolm Reid and Colin Long and quickly garnered praise from customers and critics alike. It wasn’t long before they were awarded two stars. This was one of the North’s most successful restaurants and Marco soon began to make his mark on the menu.


From here the big city beckoned and a move to London saw Marco take his place in the kitchens of a couple of restaurants. At Le Gavroche, run by Albert Roux, Marco began his classical training as a commis chef before joining Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire. Raymond Blanc encouraged Marco to pursue his own passions and philosophy about food.

At 24, Marco became Head Chef and joint owner of Harveys with a kitchen staff that included the young Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. He was awarded his third star at the age of 33 – the first British and youngest chef ever to achieve this.

His restaurant empire has included some of London’s finest restaurants including the Criterion, Mirabelle, L’Escargot, Quo Vadis and Luciano.

Following on from the success of his London restaurants, Marco has proudly opened his first Irish venture, Marco’s Steakhouse & Grill on Dublin’s Dawson Street. Like the man himself, the new venue is flamboyant, entertaining and full of character – a place where diners can enjoy simple yet exquisite cuisine that perfectly embodies what Marco calls ‘affordable glamour’.

Knorr® Brand Ambassador

“Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be fun. That’s my motto.”

As our brand ambassador, Marco shares his experience through inspirational recipes using Knorr Stock Cubes and Stock Pots to enhance the flavours of fresh ingredients. He offers hints and reveals technical tips as well as the tricks he picked up from his mother, to demystify the secrets to successful and simple cooking at home.