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From Knorr Stock Cubes to our Gourmet range there’s a Knorr product to perfectly complement your cooking.

Delicious, Naturally Dried Knorr Mealmakers

Our tasty Knorr Mealmakers make great home-cooking easy. Made with the tastiest naturally dried ingredients, each seasoning is guaranteed to bring BIG, mouth-watering flavour to every dish you cook. So give them a try and make it a meal to remember.

New Knorr® Beef Stock Pot

Bring out the best in beef with Knorr® Stock Pots – made with ingredients for a great meaty taste.

Knorr® Herb Infusion Pot

At the heart of a tasty lamb casserole is a classic combination of herbs. Knorr® Herb Infusion Pot has the perfect blend of thyme, parsley and bay leaves. It’s the great taste of the outdoors. Indoors.

Knorr® Rich Beef Stock Pot

Marco’s cooking for Yorkshire’s finest. If anyone knows about good gravy, it’s these ladies. Luckily Knorr® have created this new Rich Beef Stock Pot. Darker, with a deeper, more intense flavour that makes all beef dishes richer and tastier. New Knorr® Rich Beef Stock Pot. Approved by gravy experts.

Knorr® Beef Stock Pot

At Knorr® we believe that great cooking deserves great stock – like Knorr® Beef Stock Pot. It tastes just like homemade and is slowly simmered for a more authentic flavour.

Knorr® Chicken Stock Cubes

I first started using Knorr® Chicken Stock Cubes for seasoning. I would mash them into paste with olive oil and rub it in, to lock in the flavours. Some say you can’t buy taste – I disagree.

Knorr® Thick Chicken Soup

Watch John Doyle show you how to use our Thick Chicken Soup as a cooking sauce for leftovers and fried vegetables – just put the ingredients in a casserole dish, pour over the creamy soup, pop in the oven and voila, you have a meal.

Knorr® Gourmet Soups

See Knorr® chef Marc Mercier share his secret to creating our Gourmet Moments Cream of Forest Mushroom soup. Made with our finest ingredients and seasoned with grated nutmeg, the rich flavour is a truly indulgent taste experience.

knorr® Gourmet Tomato

See Knorr® chef Marc Mercier share his culinary secrets on creating our Gourmet Moments Cream of Chunky Tomato & Bean Soup. By selecting his favourite gourmet ingredients and adding herbs and spices, Marc creates a delicate balance of flavours and a truly indulgent taste experience.

Marco's Steak Challenge

I’ve got a challenge for you. Make a paste by mixing a little olive oil and a Knorr Beef Stock Cube. Season one steak with this paste and the other just with salt and pepper, and then cook them in whatever way you normally like to. I promise you, the Knorr seasoning works better every time.