Knorr Kitchen

Igor Zago

He loves bringing people together to enjoy traditional and classic favourites. Meet the Knorr chef with a big heart.

For Igor, cooking is all about friends, family and great food. His Italian roots clearly influence his fresh, hearty dishes as well as his relaxed cooking style. Keeping things simple in the kitchen, he uses traditional flavour combinations to create delicious, warming favourites like meaty pies, creamy pastas and wholesome roasts. Beyond the traditional, Igor’s dishes are rich and bold in flavour. No wonder his taste buds were so suited to developing our robust Knorr Gravy Pots.

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How did you first become interested in cooking?

When I was growing up my family owned a farm, so I developed an interest in food early in life. As a child I used to collect food like wild berries, asparagus, dandelion leaves, wild herbs and mushrooms and sell them to local restaurants.

Where do you get inspiration for new products?

Different countries are always a good source of inspiration for me. During my career I’ve worked in Poland, Dubai, Korea, India and Germany. When you’re cooking in international hotels in foreign countries, you get to work with chefs from all over the world – and I’ve learnt a lot from them.

How are cooking habits changing?

Longer working hours and the popularity of technology like computers and iPads mean that people have less time for important things like cooking.