Love of Flavour

Knorr Kitchen

Love of Flavour

At Knorr our dedicated chefs are hard at work creating inspiring recipes – every one of them driven by a love of flavour.

It starts with great ingredients

Flavour. It’s the difference between a decent dish and mouth-watering meal. We think every forkful should be exceptional – that’s why we go to extraordinary lengths in the pursuit of great flavour, because we know it means a tastier meal for you and your family.

And to get the best flavour, you need the best ingredients. We have thousands of farms across the world nurturing produce exclusively for Knorr, so we get the pick of the crop.

A passionate bunch of chefs

Using their instinct and expertise, our chefs take these beautiful ingredients and skilfully develop exciting recipes. They’re a creative bunch, professionally trained to the highest standard, and hugely experienced thanks to time spent in real kitchens – many of them in highly awarded restaurants.


We’re so excited by the creativity and talent of our chefs that we’ve launched the Knorr Kitchen on Facebook to introduce you to four of them – Luigi, Igor, Marc and John – who are the culinary masterminds behind our Knorr Soup, Sauces, Stock Pots and Gravy ranges.

Each of our chefs is the master of their particular style of cooking. So whatever your taste, you’ll find plenty of professional expertise, technical tips and inspirational recipes on our Facebook page.

There’s always more

Extraordinary lengths. Two important words we use to describe how we make delicious food. Two words that mean: always going the extra mile, not accepting mediocrity, never giving up – an attitude shared by everyone at Knorr, from our hard-working farmers to our dedicated chefs. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to satisfy your curiosity and your hunger to put different dishes on the table. We bring flavours from around the world to our kitchen and create recipes you can serve up at home.

Not only that, we’re working hard to make our impact on the planet as small as possible – and yours, too. We’re implementing sustainable farming processes, working to reduce and recycle the packaging we use, cutting back on our greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing our focus on nutrition. All of this is better for the environment, which means better food for you.

A little help from Knorr

Everyone loves authentic home cooking, and we know how good it feels to bring pleasure to the ones you love through the food you put on the table. That’s where our love of flavour comes from and it’s been our driving passion for years. So whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice cook we are here to help.