Knorr Kitchen

Luigi Carola

He brings artistic flair and theatrical magic into his signature dishes. Meet the Knorr Chef with a penchant for drama.

Luigi presents every dish as a masterpiece – his expert cooking techniques and show-stopping recipes are set to impress, whatever the occasion. With only a handful of ingredients, he’s able to turn simple recipes into culinary masterpieces. Not forgetting his secret ingredient – the Knorr Stock Pot. Bringing the wow factor to the dinner table may be his ultimate aim, but Luigi’s recipes are simpler than they may seem and never compromise on quality or taste.

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How do Knorr products help people produce tasty quick meals?

Well, lots of ingredients seem to be mass-produced these days – which means they’ve lost a lot of their intensity of flavour. I find adding a Knorr Stock Pot or Cube to vegetables, sauces and meat/poultry dishes really helps to boost those natural flavours.

What food trends influence the products you develop?

Modern life is very hectic and people have less time to cook. They want food that’s fast, tasty and healthy. Also, people are using the internet and culinary apps on their smartphones or tablets to find out more about food and cooking, and to try new dishes.

How do you get an insight into what consumers in different countries want?

You really need to know the country and the way that live and cook there; for me the best way to do this is by spending time in those countries (I’ve visited 67 countries and lived in nine of them!). In fact, it was my passion for travelling which led to my passion for food and my career as a chef. But we also have an extensive network of chefs around the globe, giving us valuable local insights.