Marc Mercier

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Marc Mercier

Combining meticulous attention to detail with an unbeatable passion for cooking, this French genius is behind our range of Gourmet Soups.

Marc’s meticulous attention to detail means he can turn simple into sublime. And it means you can too; because this attention to detail goes into all of his recipes – that may at first seem challenging, but are as simple to make as they are delicious. Combined with an unbeatable passion for sourcing quality produce, it’s no surprise that his range of Gourmet Soups taste so good.

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Who inspired you growing up?

Throughout my career I’ve worked under many great chefs, but I put my love of cooking down to my grandfather. He was a wonderful restaurateur and without doubt my biggest influence.

What is your favourite recipe?

Simple – red mullet poele.

How would you describe typical French cuisine?

The cuisine differs depending on the part of France so, for instance, in Northern France, food tends to be much richer and recipes use a lot of butter, cream and crème fraîche. Southern cuisine is more Mediterranean; fish is more popular, dishes are lighter and use olive oil rather than butter. I like both!

Any tips on how people can feed a family on a budget?

Meat is usually the most expensive part of the meal, but there are plenty of pasta and rice-based dishes, like risotto, that are just as filling and delicious without meat.